Web standards consultancy

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Standards, Prototypes, and Quality Assurance.

Marcos Cáceres

Hi, I'm Marcos Cáceres. I write specifications, create prototypes and test suites, and advise on activities at the W3C.

Web Standards

Writing a specification that builds on the Web Platform requires in-depth knowledge of its core technologies: HTML, DOM, Web IDL, and ECMAScript. I can edit and review specifications to make sure they will work well with the core technologies of the Web.


Independent verification of a specification through prototyping can be a cost effective way of showing the technical completeness of a specification and demonstrating that a specification works as intended. I can prototype specifications in ECMAScript, Node.js, and Java.

Quality Assurance

Test suites are key to achieving interoperability in the standardization process. Knowing how much and what areas to test can improve the interoperability of products. I can design, code, or review test suites as well as produce high-quality implementation reports.